interactive video installation, 2001-03

[image: AvW besucher Galerie im Park 2]

On arriving, each »guest« is almost a phantom.

Stanislaw Lem, Solaris

The viewer enters a room and moves towards a projection screen, on which he recognizes a moving image of himself, but in coarsely pixelated form. While moving, the viewer's image gets dissolved into pixel clusters, while resting his image gets reassembled. The image moves in real time as a mirror image of the viewer, giving the impression that the picture on the screen shows the real space in which the viewer finds himself.

Suddenly, this illusion is disturbed by the arrival of a second pixelated person in the background, a person not actually present in the room. This apparition is a previously recorded sequence featuring an earlier visitor. Like this person, the current visitor is also filmed (triggered by his movements in the room) and may be played back to a future visitor in the same way.

To the right: Installation view Galerie im Park, Bremen, 2004

Excerpt from video documentation.

(30 sec., soundless)

Städtische Galerie Bremen, 2005

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