The Cabin [on-time, still life IV]

HD-Video, 1080p, 8:00 min, 2009

[image: AvW The Cabin [on-time, still life IV], title]
The video shows a "moving still life" in photographic resolution. It is presented on a wall mounted flat panel display.

The view leads from the inside of a half-basement room through a window to the outside. Underneath the window on a shelf there are kitchen utensils, plants and groceries, as well as several other objects such as tools, wire and an animal skull. In the window, there's a reflection of a TV-set and a floor lamp; these indicate that there is a living area in the rear depth of the space. Outside, on the window sill, there's a potted plant; behind this, at eye level, we can see the ground. The background is dark.

In the sparely lit room, the plants are drying up, a loaf of bread is moldering and a glass of jam is being consumed by maggots; outside, a meadow is growing out of the earth. Meanwhile, one window sash is slowly moving back and forth, as if triggered by an air draft. The TV is showing static, with fragmentarily pieces of a movie occasionally appearing. A flare lights the scene from the outside in, moving from one side to the other for the duration of the video. For a brief moment, we see the lightning of a thunderstorm passing by.

In this scenario several contradicting levels of time are shown simultaneously. The video is the result of a computer controlled setting being photographed over the course of several weeks.

Title "on-time" = the time, that something is (switched) »on«.