self-referential image-generation, 2000

This series of software programs deal with research on self-referential systems.
The algorithmic generated moving images are entirely unpredictable and endless.
[image: AvW .generate(#1), Still [small]]


Two horizontal lines move vertically across the screen with constantly changing speeds, bounding each other within the screen's available space.
[image: AvW .generate(#2), Still [small]]


The depiction of an array of circles, that constantly enlarge (seemingly moving towards the viewer), creates - via the most simple means - the impression of a kind of tunneldrive with constantly altering directions.
[image: AvW .generate(#3), Still [small]]


This application is based on behaviours of the color-values of enlarged pixels in relation to their neighbors. The visual impression is that of a vibrating field of squares, out of which organic shapes emerge, transform and collapse.