exit [on-time, still life III]

HD-Video, 1080p, 5:00 min, 2008

[image: AvW exit [on-time, still life III], title]
The video shows a "moving still life" in photographic resolution. It is presented on a wall mounted flat panel display.

The piece depicts a chaotic office-situation in which a marionette is dancing on a table. Over the course of five minutes, while the dancing wooden hero in his dance is pointing at two monitors (on which images of catastrophes, scientific simulations, crowd-scenes and statistical data from politics and economics are concurrently being shown), a flower is withering and the remains of a meal dry up. At the same time, one sees days and nights passing by in a background window while shadows of people are rushing past and a digital clock is frantically displaying time. For a period, the regular pulsing flash of a rotating blue light also illuminates the setting.

In this scenario several contradicting levels of time are shown simultaneously. The Video is the result of a computer controlled setting being shot at the rate of one frame every one and a half minutes over the course of 7 days.

Title "on-time" = the time, that something is (switched) »on«.