computer-controlled sound installation, 2003-04

[image: AvW 8-bit Concert, installation view]
The piece consists of eight sound objects, installed in a row on the wall, and a computer. The sound objects ("monopianos") were developed specially for the piece and are played by a computer. They are tuned to an 8-tone scale.

The score for the concert is generated by the computer as it counts from 0 to 255, one number per second, with each number decoded and output as an 8-bit signal (e.g. the numeric number "147"
corresponds to the 8-bit number "10010011"). Each digit in the 8-digit binary number is assigned in sequence to one of the sound objects. When the digit for a given object is “1”, it sounds, when it is "0", it remains silent. The number currently being played is displayed by the computer in both numeric and binary form.

In this way, the computer uses its own inherent binary mode of counting to run through all the possible sound combinations of the eight instruments. The result is a slow, mechanically monotonous, mostly dissonant "computer bolero": in spite of recurring lulls, the drama of the piece builds up again and again, culminating in the moment when all eight instruments sound together.

The concert last 256 seconds [4:16 min].

To the right: Installation view, Galerie der Stadt Sindelfingen, 2006

Video documentation (Excerpt)

Length: 1:30 min. of about 5 min.

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Detailed description including more images as PDF:
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